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A Question

Posted by Yabloko-BlackByrd - May 16th, 2020

I want to ask about my art for a moment....

How are you enjoying my art?

Is there anything I could do differently about it?

I'm asking because I've notice my art tends to get very low ratings (like below 3 stars) and I'm not sure what's the reason for this is. It's causing me no amount of stress right now and I'd like to find out.

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If you want more stars you need to refine your craft.

Your pictures look really flat. For a more 3d look; thinner lines help a lot.

There's also no shading, it may seem intimidating but even basic cell shading makes a difference. I never knew a lot about shading until recently, but it's easier than it looks, if you are going to try it, try using colored light sources white lights are not too common since the sun is yellow and all.

You might want to make your background colors less vibrant and add more detail to your settings. I like to think of the background as a character too.
Yeah you could just draw a blue wall, or you could do something more interesting like clutter, a funny poster, a character's belongings, or a custom designed memorable set piece that only one character has like Weird Al's chair made of plastic eyeballs.

Learn some one, two, and three point perspective, they're vital for backgrounds. They will make them look 3d.

Also I'm still learning myself but it also looks better if you limit the amount of colors you use and choose a pallet before coloring.

Bright colors aren't bad but they do distract especially if they're in the background.

Always keep learning, this is the net and there's lots of tips if you look.
Here's a playlist of tutorials I've learned on Youtube.

Thanks for the critique! I'll keep it in mind when I start uploading new stuff here.

@thepixelizer @Yabloko-BlackByrd
No problem

Focus and study on anatomy learn the rules of art. then break the rules and crafted into your art style to make it way better. Learning to do better line work would help a lot too. The lines are really flat and lack Depth.

And another very important thing I want to critique you on is your mental health, if your getting stressed over a star ratings and a self validation if maybe?. I would let go of that and be more positive towards your art.

From a personal reason I was depressed about my art and was hard on my self. But ever since I let go of that ideal thought, I now make art learn it's bad and not to take it depressingly so I get the best of both worlds. I learn and get better.

Sorry I made it about me in a way, I just think it's really important to know that.

But anyways your art is neat, it has some potential to do something even greater. I like it, it's fun :).

Hope I could help you and you have a great day!.

Thank you for the critique! Rest assured, anatomy is one of the thing I'd like to improve on. It's a bit of a uphill battle (especially by low-key aversion to seeing realistic nudes) but I'm very slowly getting there. As for my mental health, I have this fluctuating thing where one day I'm "high" and I feel okay, and another day I crash down and I start to have these feeling of inadequacy and depression. I hadn't gotten the time right now to see a therapist or get tested for any mental health problems, but I plan to do that in the future. Right now though, I'll keep what you said in mind.

I understand and what you're going through in terms with art is natural I say. Just take it one day at a time :)