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Posted by Yabloko-BlackByrd - May 17th, 2020

Hello! Since my mental state has stabilized a bit since I made the previous news post, I'd like to say thank you to those who left critiques in the comments; I really appreciate it and I'll keep all of y'alls advice into consideration. Now the reason for making this is because I have a few points about my art journey thing(??):

  • I can do cel shading (I even have it in a few drawings) but I don't really implement it often as I should, mostly because A. I find it really time-consuming, especially if it involves patterns, textures, or gradients and/or I'm working on my comics (remember I'm the only person making that dumb animal comic and I don't have money or anything to hire someone) and B. mostly concerning my refs, I want to let people pick the colors easily and shade it how they want it to.
  • I take a long ass time to incorporate new techniques into my current way of drawing. I don't know how to do things at first, so don't be surprised if almost nothing changes for ages.
  • I am mostly self-taught; I have been privately studying and practicing stuff like perspective and anatomy. However, because for some dumb reason I can't focus or dedicate to one thing for long, it's a bit of a long road ahead.
  • Going back to the anatomy bit, I have an issue with seeing nude models most of the time. Though I'm asexual, I can handle sexual stuff to an extent. Too much at one time can be very overwhelming.
  • I have real life responsibilities and as such, I don't always have time to practice drawing. Especially since it's the last couple weeks of school and I have a couple a projects to finish and it's very stressful.
  • And lastly, my mental state is very unstable, especially with the current events. I have been trying to see if I could get therapy or a diagnosis, but right now is not really viable.

And so, I end this long wall of text of things that popped up in my head and wanted to share with the world, I guess. I hope you enjoy reading and enjoying things, even if they still have a long way to go to perfection.



hey foe~ I got a book call constructive anatomy to help myself out with drawing humans (cause I'm awful with people, great with nonsense) it talks about the numerous ways the body interacts with its connecting parts, as well as being filled with drawings to show how they work together, shape, transform, wedge, so on and so forth. I'm fairly bad at reading books but I can tell its helped me a decent bit (at least the parts I've gotten through.)

another help has been, whenever you're dicking around on the internet, if you come across any interesting photos of people (can be from the news, memes, stray pics that catch your eye or are dynamic) save that image in a reference folder. Eventually you'll decide ya gotta practice and bam! you already have a slew to pick from to attempt! It can be hard, and it takes time, but practice makes you better. The more you draw, the more successful you'll be. It's merely about forcing yourself to keep practicing.

last little pro-tips, Line weight! Using black (or dark color) sparingly and build it up in spots you want to lead the viewers eye. Lines should be thicker on undersides or in shadow, white can also do the same, so try to keep such in mind. Line weight was one of the best tips I have ever received and it makes everything look better instead of flat with no where for your eye to settle.

I hope this helps a bit, best of luck with your future arts, and though it can be daunting to look nude people, remember that the human body is art~ (but sometimes some slight censor bars can sneak in there to keep ya more comfortable ;D)